Agency Profile

Since 1970 we have assembled staff and equipment to meet the promotional needs of companies and corporations, large and small. From design and display, to broadcast, billboards and brochures or the world wide web, Ashford creates the means to convey your message to the prospect and unite your staff in promoting the brand we create.

Ashford facilities offer an environment as progressive in design and execution as our marketing strategy and performance for each client. From our humble beginnings in a cabinet factory we created a style that could be called "LA/Bay Fusion" in that it is an eclectic industrial structure with an infusive blend of art and technology from paintings, sculpture and a set of medieval armor to a full complement of Macintosh and PC computers for design, print, audio, film and video.

The result is a creative environment that motivates cutting edge design in the most unique agency office environment between L.A. and San Francisco.

Guaranteed fresh

We have to keep it fresh to serve such a diverse client base, from The Rescue Mission and Wilson Homes to Fresno Works, Gb3 and X-treme Sports. Our greatest campaign successes have included negotiated savings to the client. We are not a conventional agency, simply billing at card rate. Our "Smart Buy" concepts are directed at specific media formats and formulas. These, combined with a focused client need, define a path more easily monitored and understood by both client and agency, thereby passing savings on to many local clients who otherwise would not receive the exposure they need.

The maze of marketing mumbo jumbo

Branding. Positioning. Market share. Demographics. Targets. Offerings. It's an advertising jungle out there and Ashford can be your guide.

Identifying and creating a lasting brand in the eyes of the buying public is the crux of every marketing plan. Ashford takes pride in developing successful branding that firmly identifies your product to your target audience. It creates a personality for your company that the consumer can recognize and identify with. Correctly done, this can build a lifetime of brand loyalty, and can even cause a branding shift among consumers who will perceive you as their new favorite.


You don't go on a trip without having an idea of where you're headed. You shouldn't "buy an ad" without sound marketing decisions. Ashford will work with you to develop a mission statement that will clarify your business goals and direction. You can make it through the maze, positioning your company at the front of the pack.

Designing your particular product so that it has a distinct value for a particular audience is what product positioning is all about. Ashford knows that you can't be all things to all people, but you can be the one right thing to certain people. You must match your product to the most receptive audience. Ashford's experience is invaluable to this goal, and can place your name foremost in your customer's mind. Maybe they'll even dream about you.


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