Chukchansi Gold • Resort & Casino

Challenge: The largest advertising casino interest in the Central Valley, Chukchansi Gold Resort and Casino in Coarsegold, California held a national search to select a new agency for branding, marketing and public relations. The challenges included positioning the Casino as a resort destination, promoting the impending sovereign tribal land status and treaty from the United States government, and creating a branding shift for a major casino expansion with outreach programs to the local communities of the Central Valley. Ashford was selected to serve.

Ashford arranged for multi media coverage of both the ground breaking for a major hotel facility expansion and the treaty signing for sovereignty with the United States Government, regaining tribal land in the first treaty of its kind in half a century. While respecting the tribal wishes to retain the current logo elements, Ashford successfully encouraged a shift in name representation to emphasize the Chukchansi name above all other text. With a new image and a major expansion ahead, the new look increased readability impacting television, outdoor and print advertising. Ashford negotiated value commitments from each media source, ensuring the lowest cost per impression in each format. Furthermore, Ashford consolidated media representation among networks to reduce the number of media representatives required to monitor each campaign element. Billboards were nearly doubled in quantity adding paper face billboards. This allowed for new messages on a monthly basis. Ashford was on board for the naming rights exchange with the City of Fresno creating Chukchansi Park at the Downtown Fresno stadium creating a concert venue capable of seating over 10,000 spectators. Ashford’s promotion plan carried throughout all media with the highest gross business in the casino’s history, two months in a row.

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