CIS Janitorial Inc.


The name and image of California Industrial Services was not branding of janitorial or their security service divisions. The janitorial company became Janitorial Inc. thereby establishing a high-end brand by taking the common term janitorial and adding Inc. after the name. This created a corporate representation for the company and solidified the perception that they provided more than standard cleaning services. The security company was likewise turned into a high-end brand with the new name CIS Security and appealed to a wide range of corporate interests with its new image. Distinct, yet complimentary logos were designed for each division and all fleet vehicles for both branches were outfitted with complete wraps, which completed a perfect solution for outdoor advertising. The bold colors and contemporary design stand out and catch the eye as they travel through the region. Each vehicle makes thousands of impressions a day at a fraction of the cost of other advertising media. CIS has been contracted for prominent interests such as Fresno Yosemite International Airport and Fresno City Hall as well as corporate and industrial concerns throughout the Central Valley.

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