Elaine's Pet Resorts

Challenge: Elaine’s Animal Inn & Spa was a long time client of Ashford in need of a re-inventing. With a comfortable lead in the market, the current brand continually won accolades for their high touch accommodations and services to dogs and cats. With the market arrival of chain store cage management boarding facilities, the competition was driving on a price point. Having seen the negative impact this has had on existing facilities in other areas, Elaine’s saw the need to increase awareness of its extensive facilities and services.

Ashford created a new brand image with a new name, Elaine’s Pet Resorts, and a new logo depicting a mascot dog by the name of Splash. A photo shoot and video shoot captured the tail wagging guests as they swam in the custom pools, frolicked outdoors on high tech artificial turf and were pampered with grooming and special treats. Special play and stay packages were promoted to present a myriad of stay over or play day options in several price categories. Outdoor playtime competitors can’t offer was emphasized. A new faster and fun web site was created to allow online reservations and provide a glimpse of the activities at Elaine’s via streamed video. Billboards were created to present the pool options the Chain Store facilities lack. These depict a cute little dog in a pink swimsuit and a caption by Splash which reads, “Our pools are clothing optional.” With the roll out of the fresh brand, Elaine’s Pet Resorts experienced a 200% surge in visits to the new website. Reservations have seen a 20% increase. Anticipation of market changes and Ashford’s re-branding efforts have kept Elaine’s Pet Resorts number one educated more prospects to their superior facilities and services.

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