Elmore Medical - Vein and Laser Center

Challenge: Founded by a board certified general surgeon, Fredrick A. Elmore, M.D., California Vein and Laser Center was the longest established medical practice in the Central Valley dedicated to the treatment of vein disorders including varicose and spider veins. Dr. Elmore had made significant strides in the treatment of vein disorders, attention to which was lacking by both the general public and the medical field.

Ashford created a branding shift to bring to the forefront Dr. Elmore’s name, and present further opportunities to share news of Dr. Elmore’s success while increasing patient traffic through the medical practice. The logo was revised and the name changed to, Elmore Medical – Vein and Laser Treatment Center. The new name not only presents Dr. Elmore by name, but includes the medical connotation missing in other facilities promoting boutique laser services without the treatment or monitoring of a trained surgeon. Ashford did a photo shoot of Dr. Elmore to capture a professional portrait suitable for inclusion in print advertising and public relations. Print ads were placed in high-end local magazines reaching an upscale demographic matching the patient demographic of the practice. Radio was added to the campaign plan reaching out to South Valley prospects, traditionally a source of many patients. At Ashford’s urging Dr. Elmore compiled his findings and improvements on the process used which made invasive surgery no longer necessary. These were published internationally in the major medical publication for this field of treatment, The Journal of Venous Disease. The increase in traffic through advertising and awareness is further complimented by the international publication of Dr. Elmore’s findings, drawing inquiries from physicians worldwide. In a narrow field of treatment where 75% success was an acceptable result, Dr. Elmore’s procedure, “The Elmore Protocol” delivers a result of nearly 100% success of all patients treated.

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