The McCaffrey Group

Challenge: The McCaffrey Group advertised more than any other Central Valley homebuilder, yet after 3 decades or more of homebuilding the product names were better known than the parent brand by homebuyers. To further promote their brand to the general public a branding shift was needed. Ashford was selected.

Ashford created a branding shift designed to bring the McCaffrey name to the forefront of a major media program. Though “The McCaffrey Group” name was retained for corporate applications, the new name “McCaffrey Homes” was treated with a modified logo text to emphasize the McCaffrey name with the ‘Homes” element stressing just what is being offered. Existing product presentation and new product introduction incorporated this emphasis of brand above individual product. A new Series of print ads was created for newspaper and magazines to promote the McCaffrey Homes brand with each project offering. Billboards, radio commercials and even project signage promoted the new McCaffrey Homes brand. Each product consistently began capturing a significant percentage of the overall number of homebuyers in the market. Tracking via the Ashford MAP provided the data necessary to tune media placement for maximum return for each marketing dollar invested. In a period covering just 6 months, the McCaffrey Homes brand was elevated to two of the Fresno Bee’s People’s Choice” selections. One for McCaffrey Homes and a second for the McCaffrey home mortgage division.

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