Outdoor - Billboards & Buses


Just don’t go let of the steering wheel

The larger than life-size presence in the community that can't be missed, billboards provide the exposure that help make our clients a household name. Outdoor advertising requires a different touch than print. 3M Media, the national outdoor advertising firm, chose Ashford to design its billboards west of the Mississippi. Ashford has the large format experience to achieve the desired effect and professional relationships to negotiate the most effective placement. But you still have to keep at least one eye on the road.

Bus Wraps

Get on the bus
- it’s going to the bank

When the City of Fresno returned to bus advertising as a viable money maker, they chose a national bus wrap company, who in turn chose Ashford over all the agencies in the area to design and develop its bus wraps. That kind of trust is not given lightly. This kind of advertising power cannot be ignored.

Ashford was first to blow away Fresno with the hottest new ad format - bus wraps. Size matters, especially at 65 mph. Scooping the central valley advertising scene, Ashford brought an undeniable presence to its clients in a 'Did you see that!' style.

Signage & Interiors

Inside - Out

Ashford has extensive in-house capabilities for design and production of interior and exterior signage, counters, work stations and more. We can sand-blast, paint, laser-cut, cast and polish your choice of wood, acrylic, phenolic, metal, stone and some things that haven't even been invented